Vol. 10 | Bloomsville

You know what I'm finally *OKAY* at, yo?

Enduring the waiting game. 

As a teammate in this sport I know you get what my ass is talking about.

Whether it's waiting for:

  • Your biggest 2018 goals to hop out the toaster...
  • The right lover to match your fly...
  • Your money to catch up to your hustle...
  • Trump to peace out the White House...

Life tends to feel like it's gained some extra pounds, when we're disloyal to patience, shrug off babysteps and keep standing up faith. 

Meanwhile the hook issssss: both patience, babysteps and faith are prerequisites to the GLOW UP.

Ain't that some shit? 

Well, many a wise human have quoted this phrase: "The time is going to pass by anyway..." 

and I'm just going to hijack that ellipsis to add: 

...so let's hit play on a new audio vision vision board!

BLOOMSVILLE IS FOR WHEN YOU'RE:  scraping the bottom of that composure jar, in need of a strong case for embracing the process. 

Press play for a dope lesson from yours truly featuring guest teacher Lauren Ash of BlackGirlInOm.

Also available on:

and where ever else you stream + purchase music

As my partner-in-shine, I sincerely hope this audio vision board reenergizes you to piece together the big picture. I know it's been fuel for me. 

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Extra love to: GOD for never getting tired of molding me + my ridiculously talented friend GLAM for scoring + my pal Lauren Ash of Black Girl In Om for being a guest teacher and having the most calming voice to ever enter my ears +  internet connection + APSPDR+ for recording, mixing and letting my imagination zig and zag freely + Dizzy Crane for letting me flex with his amazing photography + Eric for the generous last minute photoshop sauce + CJB for keeping my sanity rooted. 

Cheers to continuous blooming!

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