She's Sleeping Beauty And The Beast

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I used to fall asleep every damn night spooning with social media, unaware of when or how I finally got shut eye. 

It was a mindless routine that had me waking up tired as hell with little sense of direction and major sense of stress. My home was no longer a shelter for decompression and solace, but just another set of walls that kept all my over-thinking, endless to-dos and digital addictions in one place.

And still, I couldn't figure out why I was so frazzled; feeling like a leaf in the wind.

Aight, girl lol.

Eventually, I started to connect the dots and found myself staring at an epiphany...

There's a difference between getting ready for bed and simply falling asleep.

One is full-on conscious intention and the other is just a heedless shutdown. One is brimming with benefits, the other a leader in disadvantages. 

In a time where: 

  • Our smartphones have become extensions of our hands granting us with constant accessibility...

  • We've got this all-hustle-everything zeitgeist most of us (especially my fellow creatives) can't help but succumb to...

  • The Internet has absolutely no curfew, making it a non-stop partner in crime...

Rest gets mistaken as a non-factor when in actuality it's the GOAT gamechanger for all facets of our life -- memory, clarity, beauty, focus, waistline etc.

With that said, She's Sleeping Beauty And The Beast is an audio vision board designed to nudge us out of the grind and into recovery mode. I wrote these affirmations in effort to make peace with the day no matter what did or did not unfold and reacquaint ourselves with the value of being rather than doing. 

I also reached out to bomb self-care leader Shelah Marie of Curvy, Curly, Conscious to share her favorite techniques for an evening of ease. 

Have a listen below or on iTunes podcast, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal etc. Let me know what you think!

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