How I Pray To The OG of OGs AKA God

Praying can be a hella weird thing. Though it's an act that regularly gives me much peace, hope, humility and epiphanies, I def remember them newbie days when it plagued me with a trillion internal questions. Do I kneel? What's the minimum for this, twenty minutes? Am I allowed to ask for a boyfriend replacement? Should this look like I'm talking to my damn self?! I get it yo and sometimes I still have questions, yet I realize that for me anyway, praying is only weird when we overthink it. 

From what I can recall, I began praying inconsistently when I was 4-years-old. My very first memory is fuzzy, but I do remember my mother directing my knees to a bottom corner of the bed, motioning my hands to clasp together like our favorite emoji and nudging me to close my eyes and follow her vocals. I then graduated to reciting the Our Father and Hail Mary, but those eventually became monotonous melodies because I was in Catholic School and just doing what I had been told to do so that I could get my ass to recess and play truth or dare. I knew God was a cool, loving guy and I did appreciate those awesome qualities, but He had yet to make it on my speed dial list. 

Since then, life has dented me in ways that called me to spiritual evolution in ways I would've never imagined, including mini prayer sessions at the most random times in the most random settings. Obviously there's a lotta width to this convo, so we'll more than likely revisit it in the future to talk more specifics. In the meantime, my best friend Guerdley suggested I share some of my praying practices with yall so let us stick to that. 

In understanding my heart and really in just finally doing some real research, God is the most quintessential parent ever to me. I am never neglected by him and so prayer is my form of reciprocation. In my eyes, if I can text my parents throughout the day to say I love you etc. then why not zap a quick message of appreciation to my power parent up top. 

So here's an example of that. Just a lil gratitude freestyle: 

Now depending on my mood (or my level of guilt lmao) the tone, length and language of my prayers can fluctuate just as it would in conversations with my mom or dad, however I still always wrap my words in respect. And though I've reached a point where the true essence of God overwhelms me with love on a wild level, personifying Him to a degree has helped me soooo freaking much with upping the frequency and comfort of my prayers.

So here's what another one sounds like. This is typically what I would  say before a meal with a pal. Sometimes when I'm just ravenous to the max I do forget to give thanks. Blah, yeah sue me in Heaven. But I've been really trying to stay on my game because good food can upgrade our quality of life in a matter of seconds and that's a damn blessing, wouldn't you agree?

Check it out: 

There ya have it, just a little eavesdropping into my one-on-ones with the main man. I'm not calling myself a prayer professional lol, but I know from experience that strengthening your relationship with God can be a vulnerable and daunting first step. But the first step of anything is usually the hardest step. He's gangster. He's incredible. He's love.  So hopefully you're more comfortable with giving Him a ring. The blessings on the other end of that line are well worth it. 

xx, TG

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