4 Min Thoughts: Men In Skirts, Sadness, and Hidden Misogyny

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So I just want to express some things and be out.

Spoiler Alert: Queen Bey is not the main subject.

So you guys know I work as on-air talent for Sway In The Morning of course and yesterday, Jaden Smith’s wardrobe choices popped into conversation again because his father Will was being interviewed about it.

FYI in case needed: Jaden is a very anamolous, free-spirited 17-year-old with a penchant for skirts and dresses and rocking Batman costumes at VIP weddings. All that eccentricity basically snowballed into him being a part of Louis Vuitton’s women’s wear campaign… posing for the camera with three chicks… everyone in wardrobe marketed to women.


We all know what’s obviously polarizing about that.

We also all know that Jaden’s spoken more than once about tossing gender stereotypes in a blender and cackling in the face of society.

My brain took this a bit further last night though when I was leaving the gym sipping on a protein shake. I love protein shakes!

Anyways, it’s interesting to me that women have a vast array of identities to choose from… in general we can go from girly as fuck to androgynous chic with ease and without dispute.

If you see me reading GQ or Esquire it’s cool.

If I love football it’s cool.

If I’m stomping the streets of Manhattan with some Jordans on it’s cool.

If I call myself a tomboy it’s cool.

It’s allllllllllllllll fatherfucking cool.

Why? Because masculinity has been made synonymous with strength. Distinction. Greatness. Power.

We have the word emasculation meaning to make a man feel weak, but how come the female equivalent is nowhere in sight?

Oh I I’d like to take a stab!

Perhaps because femininity is synonymous with weakness?

Yall see where I’m going with this.

It’s curious to me that brows are rarely raised when a woman is interested in anything predominantly male-oriented.

But if a man gives Beyonce a spin without female participation, maybe picks up a Marie Claire, declares himself a Scandal addict, decides to rock a skirt etc. etc.… it’s all questionable and at worst deemed an attack on male purity.

Shit is close-minded, conditional, sad and an exercise in misogyny on the leeeeee-lowwww! 

In my opinion.

I would say more, but I called this shit 4 min thoughts so I’ll just end with this…

Shout out to all my tomgirls out there hustling for normality. I see you and I appreciate you seeing dopeness in my womanliness to the point where you want to dabble in it. 

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Otherwise, love, light and that good shit to you all!

xx TG