Climbing Out The Black Hole of Comparison

Through numerous conversations with others and really my damn self, I realize that so many of us fall victim to the comparison trap. 

It’s like you’re making all these strides to widen your confidence and upgrade the full circumference of your life and then all the sudden you hop on social media, see a peer or five doing what seems to be exceedingly well in their life and here comes comparison crawling into your mind talking bout…

And so in this digital era especially, it can feel like numerous people are just lapping us like crazy in the game of life.

But remember no one’s going to take a damn selfie of themselves having an anxiety attack on the floor of their cubicle, you know?

Perception has a way of making a lot of us feel insecure about the current page we’re writing in our personal life novel. And we gotta really work on that shit because just like our fingerprints prove, we are all one-of-a-kind and we’d lean on that fact more if we believed it more.

Now believing in yourself—as simple and trite as that may seem when heard aloud—is an exercise. It’s something that has to practiced internally before it really shines externally. 

So that brings me to Compariholics Anonymous - aural pleasure that I know will aid in muting the voice that slithers in our brain at times claiming that in the face of another's success, we suck.

Nah yo.

It's time to guard your joy. i've been there and am breaking free. Have a listen below and join my ass!

xx TG