Why I'm Always Talking About These Damn Affirmations

For the longest of times I've always been seduced by the intangibles of human magnificence and malice.

I wanted to know about the internal guidance system that led people to choose their moves. As I matured however, (and fucked up in a variety of ways) that shifted more purposely into a bottomless curiosity for how we can find, magnify and sustain our dopest selves.

To me it all begins with how the hell we talk to ourselves. 

For many of us there is an ass-holey version of ourselves who trudges all about our cerebrum floors with seemingly one mission: getting us drunk off bad vibes only. A voice that waves the flag of doubt, insecurity, jadedness, deprecation, comparison, etc. sky-high.

I'm totally down to spend days analyzing the birth of these voices that've made themselves at home without invite, but this is a blog post, not a dissertation so it's time to get to my point lol.

My point? Affirmations. 

Words we intentionally say to ourselves, about ourselves to anchor us in self-care and nudge us closer to the light. 

Research shows the brain is like a muscle. When we introduce new habits and actually exercise them, scientists say our brain flexes and grows. I love this because I love analogies and this fact is such an easy alley-oop into one.

The more we deliberately step into the gym of our mental, especially when we don't feel like it, and lift up good words... the more negative flab we burn off. We can even reach a point where muscle memory just naturally triggers you to talk the right shit to yourself when things get stormy. 

When I took them seriously a year ago (s/o to Joel Osteen), affirmations brightened my entire lens on life. Not in the sense where saying them aloud created a magical potion that splashed my life with solutions to every problem. But I needed a reminder of the light that was used to create me... a reminder in my own language, in my own vibe.

Eventually I created these joints called audio vision boards which essentially are affirmations soundtracked with bomb production (shout to my babes GLAM and APSPDR). I wanted the movement of music to remind me that affirmations don't mean shit without action.

So my challenge for yall is to prove you care about yourself by speaking with your chin to the clouds. Try saying these aloud... 

* I am re-writing the story of my struggle and casting myself as the survivor and not the victim.
* I know that procrastination is a frenemy who doesn't give a fuck about the bigger picture of my life.
* I know that my relationship status is not the measuring stick of my personal worth. 
* I am over and done with living up to my lowest potential. 

And if you want more ideas check out the affirmation EP I just released called Love, Light And That Good Sh*t.

Talk to me though! Are you more into affirmations now? If you've been on these joints, where did it all begin? What are your favorites! I actually want to know lolol.

xx TG