Affirmovements Vol. 1: Pride, Resilience, Progress

Whenever I get into a conversation about affirmations, I make sure to wiggle the word action in there. Cause quite frankly, all these bomb, powerful statements start off killer when said aloud, yes, but will eventually crumble like jenga if they're never paired with action. 

As the wonderful Shawn Corey Carter once told a dear pal "I wish you wheels..."

The full magic of affirmations invigorates our lives when we play the role of those words. So as a reminder of that, I hollered at my bestest Guerdley for some impromptu creativity beneath the sun. Besides being one of my top three favorite humans for a consistent 10 years, Guerdley is a choreographer, movement coach and a divine warrior. 

Anyways, this is just a little something I filmed on my iPhone. Don't come at me for not being Benny Boom, son! G's physical interpretation of some of these affirmations from A Calm During The Storm - a note that we're all capable of becoming our own light when the world goes gray.

Hope you enjoy! xx TG