Weekend Epiphanies: People Who Hate Books, Life Without Sex, Annoying Good Men + More

One thing every roaming earthling can agree upon, whether we're millennial or wrinkled, whether we love or loath our week days, is this: weekends are GLORIOUS. 

Personally, I tend to hit the epiphany jackpot during those two and a half extra special days so in effort to lodge those realizations in my cerebrum I'm whipping out the blog. Plus, I'd be sharing these with my friends anyway so since I have dope relationships with my digital squad, might as well share with yall too.

Alright, I don't have a dope segue here soooo here we go! In no particular order, here are my most salient epiphanies from the weekend of August 29th: 

  • "You can get your point across without giving him a hard time." Full honesty, I wasn't my usual sweet-as-nutella angelbaby to my significant other during a certain point of this weekend lol. Something I saw online aggravated me and I decided it would be fun to annoy him about it haha. Anyways, that quote is a version of what he told me. And it made me think...if we've got baskets full of examples that our dude is a good man, then we gotta soften up when something seems awry. You know why? Cause a good man earned that benefit of the doubt. So there must be proof of intent before any form of wild'n is unleashed. Assumption of intent, hunch of intent, what have you... they ain't enough. Thanks babe lol.

  • Mattie James of Mattieologie.com is everything (in digital life) and more (in real life). 
    I had the blessing of attending Mattie's BlogSPACE workshop on Saturday and this woman provided a buffet of clear, well-delivered, ready-to-rock information that I personally believe is going to take our baby She's Beauty And The Beast to the next level. I always rocked with her on the digital streets, but in-person took me from admiration to adoration. Thankful to have her (and her girls) as new friends.

  • Time is a beautiful savage.

  • Just because someone doesn't like to read doesn't mean they don't like to learn. 
    One of Mattie's homegirls mentioned how her boyfriend hates to read, like him and books are lifelong enemies. Now naturally as a big time pageturner this disappointed her, but telling him boy bye, this beautiful spirit of a woman thought to herself, hmm well maybe dude just better digests knowledge/stories via other mediums. Turns out that was fact and now they're both digging into one of my all-time favorites, The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz, cept she's reading and he's listening. Shout out to the almighty audiobook. Plus get this, he's further along than her and telling his woman to catch up! Ha!

  • Life without sex is still flames. 

  • A world free of adult beverages is not a world for me. 
    Word to Jesus' very first miracle. Now no matter how rough a 24 hours I've had, nothing will have me co-signing excessive drinking as a way of life. I'm about my portion control. BUT man, after a long day or amongst awesome human or paired with a damn good meal or all three... a glass of something smooth does the vibe good. To my Friday glass of La Marca prosecco and my two Saturday afternoon margaritas from Blockheads... thank yall.  

  • It's time to return to Snapchat. 
    And so I did. Pep talks, shenanigans, Sway In The Morning BTS and more. I'm at itstracygsnaps, say hi.

    Did you have any interesting epiphanies this weekend? If so do share!

    Till next time.
    xx TG