Affirmations 101 For The Men In Your Life

Hi glow gang!

So my brand title-- She’s Beauty And The Beast-- there’s clearly an active feminine pronoun being used lol, but I’ve been thinking about the fact that I do have male supporters with ears and spirits that could benefit from an audio vision board catered particularly for them.

So what I’ve crafted here (with the talents of my homie APSPDR+) is something that I’m hoping serves as an infinite thank you to all the real ones of the opposite sex.

A gift of stimulation...

Not that kind – some mental and spiritual stimulation! But ladies yall can go on extra with the blessings if you want.. that’s a personal decision lol.

Okay back to seriousness… a lot of times I think we forget that men need empowering.

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Biological boundaries may not allow me to experience the true life of a real man, but I know enough admirable dudes from my father to my guy friends, Sway Calloway to the late great Muhammed Ali, to my own man, to understand at least half the weight of responsibility it takes for a dude to do right by his crown.

I want guys to hear these words I’ve penned and know that their daily effort is appreciated and will never be exercised in vain.

Life can sometimes feel like it’s shoving us forward and backward… and no gender is immune to that… we all need to keep our mindsets’ fueled properly in order to flow through our journey.

And as a mature woman, I don’t have to be sleeping with a man to salute him… there doesn’t have to be an agenda other than respect when giving props and sharing light.

So gals even though I made this with the ears of testosterone flowing humans in mind, this special audio vision board is actually one we can get hooked on too.

It's called Queens Building Kings.

So if you’re single and filling your cup with self-love cause your awareness is bright and bananas, think of these affirmations as words you’d want the universe to carry along to your future lover.

And if you’re in a relationship, maybe this is a loving reminder to keep your mate feeling encouraged, because there can never be too much of that shit.

Here are some affirmations you can expect to hear:

You know that good health is just as important as good wealth, so it’s only your pockets that are getting fat. 

The one you want to be inside, is the one you want to be beside. 

Throughout all your chapters of human experience, not a single damn soul can stain your crown.

Aight yo, hit play.

xx, TG