Weekend Epiphanies: Living Alone + Power of Maintenance + Hypnotherapy

In case you need a prelude that describes the point of this here weekend epiphanies post, may I suggest you holler at my first joint on: People Who Hate Books + Life Without Sex + Annoying Good Men

Okay cool, so here are the thoughts that made heavy impressions on my mind during the weekend of August 12th: 

Never underestimate the power of maintaining seemingly tiny relationships.

I say that because on Friday I was rushing like a cheetah to catch the last express bus (9:20pm) over at Port Authority Terminal to get my ass home to Rockland. I walked into that building at 9:19pm and let out an audible grunt before getting over it and dragging my ass to cop the next local bus. Now as I'm walking to that gate, I see that the 9:20pm bus is still in the lot at 9:35pm! I said WHOAAA! Cause usually these drivers are zooming out not a half second late. Okay we're reaching the part about maintenance lolol, so I always make a point to ask that particular evening driver about his day, smile, one time I saw him rub his stomach and offered him my granola bar lol, shit like that. Well because of the consistency behind those small gestures, he allowed me to jump on the bus and use a lesser valued ticket to go where I needed to go. Bruh, I can't even explain how thankful and how reminded I was about the benefits of upkeep even in the moments that don't seem to matter. 

Yoga is truly one of the most powerful healing tools. 

My baby @yogaracheal, who's up in that photo with me, has really reminded me of this as of late. I realize peace comes most naturally for me when I can connect physical activity to emotional release. The braided combo of those two joints has me sprouting wings. 

I think I have to create an audio vision board for getting over the dreaded raking of the mind that is FOMO... 

particularly for entrepreneurs since we usually have to pass on so much for the sake of our greater picture. 

With great gifts, come great fine print. 

I've always been a groupie for autonomy, so of course I was absolutely ecstatic upon finding a cute, anomalous one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. Howeverrrr, I completely forgot about the extra responsibilities (ex: not splitting bills, chores etc. with an extra body) and my first night in the new spot was so hard on my heart for some reason. My lids kept lifting every 40min due to paranoia and I swear I heard the most frightening sound ever... a zipper rattling down a pair of jeans suited upon an unknown figure :( Clearly I have a wild imagination and forgot my sage. i'll adjust.

The less I'm around celebrity gossip, the easier it is for me to breathe. 


Hypnotherapy is fucking incredible.

The gorgeous and gregarious Gala Darling invited me to her Bad Witch Workout on Sunday which was a damn good sweaty time. My favorite takeaway was definitely the hypnosis session with Grace Smith. Wow. So if you're starting to picture a circus act, hit your brain's delete button. Think of Hypnotherapy as a much deeper, guided version of meditation. Grace gives you a tour of your subconscious to basically gauge your levels of creation from an inner place. At one point she had us painting this room that was meant to represent our life and asked us to paint another coat that was even brighter and even brighter. Let me tell you, this truthfully didn't come as easy for me as I anticipated. Eventually I was able to turn the hues up to my liking, but shit that took work! And this is just my imagination we're talking! So I appreciated being hipped to my own blockages, but earning my way to the other side. It provided me with confidence, but also the hard realism, that is can happen on the outside as well. Also according to Grace the hypnosis is meant to take manifest in about 48 hours, so follow me on twitter if you want my full consensus on her magic. 

People grow at different paces and directions and all of that is fine even when not to our personal benefit. 

Okay, after rummaging through my memory bank, I think that's alls I got. Share whatever thoughts you've got as well as your own weekend epiphanies. 

Till next time,