Bed Hugs: What My Evening Routine Be Looking Like

One squad you'll never catch me reppin is team no sleep. When it comes to that, miss me like you miss sleep bruh.

In recent years I've realized that a good night's rest is part of a well-balanced self-love routine. But not just the actual act of snoozing, but the decompression countdown that precedes it. Especially important for me because I work on-air in morning radio which requires that I show ALL THE WAY UP since I can't be anti-social till noon at a desk.

In general, the more tired I am, the less useful I am... to myself and others. 

Now I'm not always going to come through with the gold medal in R&R. I currently live in the suburbs, so sometimes I crash at a friend's spot when I have no choice but to endure a late night due to work and that can trip up my resting plans or you know sometimes these makeout sessions with the man can go into OT, OT lol... we're getting better though! 

But at the end of the day (no pun intended), as power woman Arianna Huffington explains in her book The Sleep Revolution, "I want to rekindle our romance with sleep."

*Throws pajamas in the air*

Anyways, without further stalling, here's a general look at my evening routine.


My iPhone automatically goes into Do Not Disturb mode, you can customize alla that right in the settings tab.

I love this because it creates boundaries, but allows limited accessibility because you have the option of allowing calls from either your speed dial list or another particular group. And being a millennial has taught me that an emergency is what separates late night calls from late night texts. 


I brain dump my to-do list for the next day. If I'm getting ready for bed earlier I'll actually organize and prioritize them, probably even start on some work for She's Beauty And The Beast, but if I'm blahhh'd to the max I just make sure ideas and responsibilities are out of my head and onto paper (or Evernote) so I can order them out in the morning. Whatever my state, it's important for me to feel like I'm re-entering the world every waking day with some form of direction. 


Boom. This is my reminder to uninstall all the social media that's on my phone--usually Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. Why? Because all that scrolling and the unnatural light from my phone keeps my mind too stimulated... like giving a kid mad now-or-laters before bedtime and expecting them to knock out. Our subconscious mind holds about 30,000x (real number) more information then our conscious mind, so I don't think I want Arthur memes and soft porn puppy filters all up in my mental. Also, I think it's important to have private moments in the evening and morning without thousands of digital lives beside me lol. I usually reinstall en route to work or after my morning routine. 



I try and drink a glass of water or a cup of tea... one, because our body goes into heavy recuperation while we're sleeping so water is always the ill assist. two, the warmth and aroma of tea eases me into lala land. three, because if the struggle is extra real to wish my pillow adieu in the AM, my bladder will come through with a reason to hop up outta bed.


I take this affirmation very seriously, cause as a recovering destination addict, it's easy to forget about honoring the journey. Half the time this manifests itself into vocal prayer, the other half of the time I write three things I'm grateful for (small, medium and large) then drop em in my gratitude jar as sweet everythings on challenging days. 


Tidy up my room yo. If there's anything I know to be true it's this... the more cluttered my space is, the more cluttered my brain. It's crazy how opening my eyes to a tidy room inspires me to rise, vs. opening my eyes to a messy room can inspire me to hide. The one-minute rule from Gretchin Rubin is C L U T C H.


Okay so when it's time to actually sleep many times I'll holler at a sleep inducing meditation. This drains out all the noise of the day that's probably still ricocheting in my brain and switches me to off mode. My favorites come from the podcast Moments of Magic Guided Meditations and Hypnosis. Spotify is also plentiful when it comes to their take it down playlists. Go to the Genres + Moods section and hit Sleep. 


When I'm going extra hard with that good slumber life these get added to the mix:

+ rocking real life PJs and not just a random free promo shirt and an ex's basketball shorts... adds to that whole "rekindling our romance with sleep" thing.

+ reading (currently turning the pages of The Whole Health Diet)

+ meal prepping

+ picking out my work/workout clothes for the following day



Need help formatting your own evening routine?

I created a worksheet for that.

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Annnnnnd we're done! I hope this gave you some ideas of how to spruce up your own evening routine.

If you want further help hitting chill mode. Check this out:

Till next time. Keep the soul lit. xx, TG.