An Endorphins Buffet For Refueling Workout Insp

It’s August - a very pivotal month for many of us, where we kind of have an honest me-to-me conversation about the temple that is our body and the fact that crop-top season is reaching it's final stages.

Kindling the question...

So where we at with that four-pack? LOL.

Nah, even though there’s no denying that a killer physique makes life easier in more ways than one, I don't want us to so much glorify shaping our butts as I want us to glorify shaping our brains… after all mindset is what’s going to determine whether we stick with a healthy routine or simply just daydream about starting fresh in the afterlife. 

F that, by the way. 

Like I told you guys, I grew up fooling my middle school friends into Taebo sleepovers and did the complete opposite of the Freshman 15 in college. In other words, me and endorphins have been besties for quite some time. But cot damn, the combo of morning radio x entrepreneurship x getting older x emotional stress = a strain in my relationship with the gym.

And I can't let go of that because sweating in the name of health is a part of self-love and provides direction for my moods. Plussssss... just found this scribbled in my personal development journal:

Yeah. We definitely have to look at exercise as an essential business task we just cannot skip.

This is why I created the audio vision board, Pursuit of Squat City. A quick listen to get us mentally prepared (and psyched) for some physical activity. Cause you know at the end of the day, not a normal damn soul is leaving the gym full of regrets. 

Okay some affirmations I created that you can expect to hear go like this: 

I am making time in my life for what I know will extend the time of my life.TWEET 

I am focused on my energy first and my ass second. | TWEET 

I am gentle with myself when hitting reset and know sweat is a sign of change to come. TWEET

Alright I gotta chill with this talk-talk-talkness before our ass stays glued to our comfort zone. Stream and Download Pursuit of Squat City below. I hope you rock with it, let me know and do share other ways you keep yourself in workout go mode. Look forward to hearing from you!

Till next time, keep the soul lit!
xx, TG