Weekend Epiphanies: Social Introvert Probs + Sweet Addictions + Red Carpet Madness

Our pot of gold is usually on the other side of our comfort zone. 

I've been saying these words to myself and others for hella years now, but man did this statement make it's presence F E L T over the weekend.

Allow me to explain yo.

Okay, so since entering the radio world almost four years ago, I've noticed that the general perception of Tracy G. is that I'm a full-time extrovert.

I consider this to be a hilarious, but understandable inaccuracy lolol.

In reality, I relate most with the social introvert squad and so there are many a times where if I'm already in singular mode and the idea of hanging with someone(s) takes form... I habitually pop that thought bubble right through it's center! 

Now here's the thing... yes I'm absolutely more than allowed to indulge in alone time because, self-care, re-charging, masturbation, etc.

Howeverrrr, sometimes we do things more out of pattern rather than actual necessity.
Case in point, do you know my ass that was in ATL over the weekend for the BET Hip Hop Awards got tempted to not hit up a single ATLien soul??


I had to shake that off + reboot my energy and I'm so happy I did because empowering, relationship-building, wise, affirming, hilarious, opportunity-lending moments were had with good people who provided experiences for me that I couldn't have done at a me, myself and I hotel party. 

Red carpets are strange, intense, yet invigorating.

Okay back to the BET Hip Hop Awards. Until this past weekend I've never walked a red carpet as "talent," on all ends of the journalism game I've always just been on the other side conducting interviews. 

This time however, Sway generously had me and Heather B. do the whole flashing lights strike a pose thing along with him and then we went on to be Q&A by some folks.

Although it definitely was a hell of a rush, for me, it also felt a bit like being in this alternative reality where feeling gassed and feeling like an imposter intersect...  The deeper I go in this kooky industry, the more I realize just how vital spiritual grounding is in my life. Nonetheless, I'm thankful for positioning. 

Delivering the truth without compromising warmth will get you hella far and get you free food.

I'm an addict man. And sugar is my drug of choice. I've been paying a lot more attention to the ebb and flow of my body because as many of us unfortunately know, it takes twice as much work with older age to get back to the snatched life. B L A H.

Plus, outside aesthetics I've been really analyzing my whole spirit-flesh connection and sometimes I flip sweets into a demigod. Not in a wild willy wonka way, because I do love my vegetables a whollllle lot, but in a way where on the low, I'm partaking in an emotional affair with sugar. Chocolate is the side piece I holler at when things don't make sense or if I have a moment of boredom or even when I'm feeling high on life.

Can any of yall relate?

I spoke about this with my soca teacher, Baja and she told me that addictions of any sort are a sign of a void and that sugar is representing something deeper. That convo made me realize; as much yapping as I do with God, it's never struck me to bring up the topic of sweets. With that said, do expected a related audio vision board around this in the near future lolol.

Busyness has gotta stop being a proxy for productivity. 

Tis all, at least that I can remember lol. Let me know your thoughts on everything up top, down below. 

xx TG