Your Problems Ain't Sh*t...

So sometime last week, my frustration was on BOIL.

Longass story short, it was a wild process getting my latest podcast episode published. IMO, anyway.

Phone problems, scheduling hangups, then someone accidentally deleted what I had spent two hours editing, then 24 hours later my computer crashed when I was recreating what was just lost.

Blah blah motherbluckin blah.

I was pissed yo. 

But then this emotional empowerment journey of ours hit me with a reminder. 

*clears throat*

The quality of our life is directly aligned with the quality of the stories we tell ourselves. 

And so it was time to pour up a tall glass of affirmation because my center was parcheddddd.

My go-to from A Calm During The Storm:
"I will not forget my blessings when faced with my burdens."

Repeat. Repeat. And Repeat.

Now, piecing my sanity back together with the gratitude glue gun in hand, I asked myself, "Yo how can we make this problem special son?" (welcome to the internal dialogues of a New York chick, folks lol)

And I answered that question by breaking down all the privileges surrounding this problem.

  • Even with technical issues, I own a computer to create from.
  • Even though it looks like I'll be a day late with this episode, I have amazing supporters who actually want to listen to my shit. 
  • Even with the need to make an annoying unplanned purchase (aka external hard drive) I have the funds to do so and it will benefit me in the long run.

You get the point.

Now I absolutely understand that all problems are not created equally, so in no way would I make an attempt to compare my podcast woes to more serious matters. 

However, when it comes to regular degular shmegular challenges, I do think there's power in a pause... the power to realize that a lot of our troubles are just the fine print that come along with blessings. 

So as we live our lives, I challenge you to flex your perspective game. To reach for them inhales before those impulses in the face of everyday stress and to be that friend with the bomb advice... but to yourself. 

OH! And check out that latest podcast episode lolol, cmon nowwww we on the subject! The Rob Hill Sr. Effect, a hella transparent conversation with a friend who happens to be one of the Internet's most retweeted yet side-eyed inspirational quote meisters out. Enjoy.

I appreciate thee always and am hella honored to service you in any way.

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