What A Weak Wig Taught Me About Life.

Photography by  Natasha Campos

Photography by Natasha Campos

Let me tell you some shit.

So over the weekend, me and my boyfriend were dying about the one time, mid-makeout session, he pulled my wig off… without knowing I had a wig on.

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We were still in the crawling chapter of dating, so at the time I felt like a bootleg Beyonce sinking deeper and deeper into a pit of lace and embarrassment.

He apologized, picked up a bobby pin and still wanted to hangout.

My celibacy was shook.

Anyways back to the present.

We’re laughing at the memory and he says “Even right after that, I still wanted to love on you.”

I’ve been thinking about his words in two parts:

1.) Wow this dude really rocks with me no matter my, err… plot twists lol.
2.) Can I do the same for myself?

Let’s hone in on that second point.

Do you ride for you, dear reader?

Not just when convenience becomes the homie and our lighting is just right, or our check is real thick or our food is mad free.

Nope that ain’t what I’m talkin about because really, even with the cleanest heart, who doesn’t want to stand next to the glow?

But in the words of the great Sean Diddy Combs… “Yo, the sun don’t shine forever…”


It’s true. The sun finishes its shift and the seasons take turns with their sabbaticals. There's some pain in that, yes, but a monotonous world would eventually become a valueless world. We only know high because we know low.

So when life feels inconvenient, tangled or like a series of unpleasant surprises, are you still down for you?

I’m in an interesting transitional phase that at times yields more question marks than exclamation points, but I lean into it because it challenges my unconditional love for self. A challenge worth accepting because sometimes man, shit is just theoretical till proven otherwise… even in the case of self-love.

Not to mention, I'm married to me till the casket drops, so.... yeah lol.

A couple hours ago I put up an IG post that included the line:

Funny how we tend to look at people sideways when they wanna befriend us during our big wins, yet we forget to even befriend ourselves during training days.

All of this to say: If you’re hitting reset, give yourself love. If you’re plowing through, give yourself love. If you’re receiving well-earned gold, give yourself love.

And if you’re in NYC on Sunday, November 5th, give yourself love by coming to my first Affirmovements workshop!! This is where self-talk and body language meet to empower today’s dope woman.


This is also a judgement free space open to all levels of dance and mindset where we will be focusing on befriending ourselves at every stage of blooming using my audio vision boards as anchor. 

There are a small number of tickets available, so if you’re interested, get up in that! Not to mention the giftbags will be lit!

Just sayin yo.

Either way, thank you so much for reading my words, listening to my audio vision boards and just being you.  I'm cheering your life on.

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