What Our Sex Life Just Might Teach Us About God

Note: I hope this comparison isn't blasphemous, but if so, I'm collecting all forms of forgiveness now!! Also, if you'd prefer to listen to this post vs. read this post. Hit play, below!


It’s funny how God constantly keeps us in shuffle mode. One moment we’re the teacher; next moment we’re the student… all moments we’re growing.

If you listened to my latest podcast episode, A Moment Of Realness: Good Girl Gone Sad, then you know Monday wasn’t my brightest day.

However, I ended it with a single offer (to surrender) and a single request (to be led) that chilled me out.

Let's fast forward, shall we.

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Yesterday I had snacks in the park with a beautiful friend who is currently going through an ugly storm.

What’s become super clear in my heart is this: when God puts me in position to encourage another, a major reason is so that I can hear his guidance FOR me, THROUGH me.

This is how I knew me and my girl’s catch-up was about to be deeper than chat.

Now at some point she asked me:

How does one strengthen their relationship with God?

And in case you were wondering... we about to get into the part where the first line of this post comes into play son, yeah yeah whatever lolol.


Yall know I’m an analogy addict and I before I could think about a proper answer, these words were spilling out my mouth…

The same way you treat a monotonous sex life; by switching it up.

Stay with me, especially if you’re a woman (attracted to male energy) reading this!

It’s crazy how often I hear women complain about how blah homie is in the bedroom lolol. It makes me wonder why we generally put pressure on the dude to be solely responsible for our pleasure.

  • Like how about instead of missionary, we initiate another move.
  • Instead of the same sweet nothings being moaned, we try some other shit talking.
  • Instead of waiting to receive, we play with how to give.

Alright let’s jump off the bed and bring this full circle…

I think it’s easy to get into such a routine with the G-O-D that the sparks can actually start to ease up.

Funny enough I used to absolutely abhor God being identified as male, yo that bothered me to the B O N E. But at this age, I now don’t mind it really because it serves as a needed post-it note.

It’s easy to forget that men want to feel loved and appreciated. Think about it: many of us naturally speak to our moms more than our dads, we know that holidays pander extra hard to women, lit date nights tend to be left up to our counterpart’s imagination…

However, no matter how unaffected our partner appears to be, the upkeep of a relationship should never be assigned to one person, right?

Looking at God as a dude reminds me that he also would like to feel appreciated, heard, and supported.

To me anyway lol.

Okay let’s just get super literal here real quick and be out lol.

For me, strengthening my relationship with God means noticing his craftsmanship in overlooked moments… maybe instead of blasting “Wild Thoughts” on the way to the work, it’s using those handful of minutes to take in all the sights, sounds, smells etc. of nature beginning it’s day and expressing awe. Cause you know, every great artist appreciates acknowledgement.

  • Or it could be praying in a new setting and saying I love you in a new way.
  • Or perhaps it’s remembering that God’s fingerprints are on everyone so why not be super present in conversations in order to see His reflection better?
  • Or how about falling back on micro-managing God and instead, trusting that he has our best interests at heart and just allowing him to flex?

Please comment below if you get what I'm saying! To be honest, I don’t have a clear ending to this post lol so here’s one last thing:

You know why rappers never call groupies ride-or-die chicks?

Cause they were never there for the bumpy parts of the ride (well I guess they could argue yes BUT you know what I mean lmao smh). The title of ride-or-die is earned and most importantly, rewarded.

The end. I love thee! Hopefully there was something to take from this. If not all good, more for me!


No blessings left behind my partner-in-shine,

Tracy (tweet me what's up!)

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