I Ate Two Donuts and Got This One Unexpected Life Lesson

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Here's a recurring epiphany of mine that hatched over the weekend...

So yesterday I was craving a spectacular donut from a popular shop I haven't been to in a while. My memory tossed the word spectacular my way because of how extra tasty all my past escapades with ol sugar slut have been. 

Fun Fact: when I LOVE something, the passion expressed runneth over. With that said, since the first day I tasted this donut back in like 2010ish, I told every damn person willing to cheat on their part-time diet that this donut deserved a home in their belly. 

And so of course, over the years I got hella excited when I saw this local donut spot GLOW ALL THE WAY UP. We're talking Whole Foods cutting that ass a check glow up. 

Anyways, on Sunday it had been almost a year since I last had a bite and long (predictable) story short... shit wasn't right :(

Me and my boyfriend shared two of them yo. 


Of course my brain got to theorizing and I stopped at this thought:

The importance of maintaining quality on the road to popularity... 

Many of us (and I promise you I am included) without realizing, pour more effort into visibility than we do into our actual gift... and at some point the imbalance shows up.

It's how we get knotted into a mess of all-validation-everything and we know that kinda mess has an unfortunate end date of never.

Together, let's face some truths that are harder to swallow than okay donuts:

x Some of us crave the reality of leading a team, but suck at the upkeep of leading ourselves. 

x Some of us are salivating for big money in the future, but suck at managing the small money of now.

x Some of us are hella focused on a public performance, but suck at remembering to privately practice.

Wow okay this got me feeling some type of way lmaooo

Even if you think I'm reaching here with the whole donut thing, I know you see what it led up to!!!

Well actually, in case nah...

Reminder: the work matters *when no one's* watching and *when everyone's* watching.  

For a thorough exhibition of my point, when you get like 900,000 free seconds... get into this Vanity Fair expose on the rise and fall of silicone valley darling, Elizabeth Holmes. It is one hell of a cautionary tale and I will gladly dissect every corner of it with you. 

Alright, let me stop this post from growing more and more legs.

If you're reading this I absolutely am rooting for you, I sincerely am and I want us to not only expand our self-awareness but use it as a flashlight out of our many times self-inflicted black hole. 

Womp lolol.

Cheers to shining!