Lessons From MY Pre-Social Media Life


Disclosure: Some of my 90s babies may not be able to completely relate to this post, but I trust that anyone who reads my shit is a thinker/feeler no matter the age so I’m sure this will spark empathy at minimum. Cool, all done!

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The other night I sent this tweet into the digiverse:

It is yo.

I’ve often told my friends that if we were solely operating in the spirit world my energy ass would probably be a multi-billionaire by now, flexing every millimeter of my potential with ease and sauce.

I imagine that the non-physical, essence version of Tracy would naturally levitate over all frustrations, create valuable + profitable works without distraction (or a million online masterclasses) and perhaps most appealing, this Tracy would open her arms to earth’s buffet of travel experiences never in view of a debt wagging its finger.

giphy (2).gif

Oh how I love fantasizing about the spirit world lol.

Now of course, MUCH of this can actually be done before the casket drops tis true, but whatever I just wanted to be dramatic and descriptive you caught me can I live??


Yeah, this is going to be a peculiar post.

Let’s go back to the being a human is so so so so so weird part… yeah, that feels on track.

The experience is especially weird for us humans who are stomping around in the era of social media. I say this because when you think about it....

the world has functioned tremendously longer without social media than it has with.

So for those of us (particularly millennial and above) who are breathing right now, social media can sometimes feel like we're housed in this weird maze of an experiment.... a Real World of sorts, but more like Real World on steroids or molly, percocet. 

Social media has completely reshaped our brains (science says so!) as in: intensified our impulses, numbed our focus, disrupted our flow, magnified our envy, fake-perfected our flaws....

Dissertations, books and TED Talks are in abundance when it comes to exploring this e-Frankenstein of sorts that’s befriended our modern times.

giphy (3).gif

Alright, let me disrobe a bit of my cynicism for a second.

Yes, there is SO much fucking good that comes from social media and the Internet as a whole, I mean that’s how I’ve connected with you. That’s how I’ve shared my audio vision boards. That’s how I met my darling friend Mattie James. Social media has absolutely been quite the tool for both you and I to create and connect (s/o to God for the ability to bless any mess).

Randomness aside, this little message of mine (that does have a point) is kindled by recent thoughts of my ex-girlfriend. Our relationship started in 2008 -- two years before the hatching of Instagram.

And my curiosity about her present day life came partly because we hadn't spoken in dumb long and also because she was always a super private, elusive gal who didn't even give half a sigh while deleting her Myspace (at the height of Myspace!).

She hated social media before it was even a coined term, but alas I still thought well who the hell can completely escape the magnetism of social media?

So yes I threw on my nosy ex cape and checked to see if this chick was on Facebook...



super negative.

Google Images... 


My old love had bypassed the matrix.


So I guess in an attempt to piece together my overall memories of her (my brain has a tendency to only remember extreme emotions and not the everyday casual feelings) I headed to my email search tool.

And there I was looking at the wild and loving email exchanges we had, becoming completely reintroduced to my old self.... life 5 layers old self. 

It was just so interesting to see me alive, functioning, still fucking up, still glowing up… all without the witness of social media.

I’m also in awe that I had a complete life with someone in the past who I don't even have 1% of a life with in the present.

But that’s neither here nor there.

I started digging through other emails from the year 2008 and began feeling so many feels as I simply took notice of all the forgotten pieces that have gone into the bigger picture of my life. 

For instance, when I used to intern at Vibe Magazine and they asked me to apply for the Editorial Assistant position which was a HUGGGGGGE deal because a: back then a magazine gig was too poppin and b: i was the only intern who received that opportunity.

I didn't get it tho lmao.

But then I found another email of this piece I wrote for VIBE.com that I was sooooooo damn proud of. It was when VIBE decided to do a little thing that we now call a "think piece" and I was the first person to execute that for VIBE.com

This is what the email said. I don't know just feel like sharing. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 4.44.59 PM.png

And my sweet loves, when I hit that link to read the article....

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 4.49.43 PM.png


Servers die everyday b.

Shit almost made think that article was a figment of my imagination lolol but it did happen and ultimately propelled my life forward, slowly but surely leading me to my next leg on the ladder and my next and my next until finally my climbs were being documented by this thing called social media....

ALLLLLLLL of this to say…

Once in a while take inventory of the life you accumulated PRE social media madness and REVEL in your growth.

That shit COUNTS as a win and that shit leaves CLUES for our next wins.

Yes I am not going to lie, a strong online presence carries a chunk of value in this age... of course. BUT after rummaging through tracy.garraud@gmail.com (and don't even let me get into my yahoo or aol account) I am reminded that:

ONE.)  Life is beautifully strange.

TWO.)  Life way before hashtags, retweets, DMs, snaps, filters, links in bios what have you was just as worthwhile as today and deserves just as much credit for shaping who we are now and who we are yet to become.

I just had to vent. If you are reading this, I am incredibly grateful for both you and your wifi connection.

God’s a comedian.

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