#Affirmovements Recap: Root Chakra Edition

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“ours is not the task of fixing the entire world at once, but of stretching out to mend the part of the world that is within our reach.”

Wow. Let me lead with honesty— I was very nervous about this second installment of Affirmovements. Not because my belief and passion for the event had withered away or because I was concerned about social media metrics and blah blah, but because I had just experienced a deep private trauma exactly one week prior. One that dented me to the point of illness. I wondered if I was qualified to guide, if there was enough energy in my spirit to pour into that of others.

Before I even got imprisoned by overthinking, my beautiful best friend Guerdley first blessed me with support on any of my decisions, but also reminded me that perfection will never be a requirement for sharing space. If my heart was yearning to connect, to voice, to advise, to learn, to vibe higher in the audio presence of Beyonce and bring vision to manifestation, well then fuck it.

best decision.

This second edition of Affirmovements, focused on exploring our root chakra was magnificent. Any lower of word just wouldn’t be accurate.

Our goal was to remix self-care with an immersive experience crafted for everybody and every body of team estrogen craving to take affirmations a bit deeper. Using dance, meditation, writing and self-talk we gave vulnerability a seat at the table and ate up the benefits.

To all the resplendent women who joined us in mantra + movement — thank you. We’re thrilled you enjoyed and hope that energy is still with you.

For those who couldn't make it for this 1st installment: in essence Affirmovements is all about turning self-talk into body language. Because think of it this way -- our bodies have the power to determine our thoughts, feelings and actions, so why not invite them to unite with our words?

Thank you to my partner-in-shine Guerdley Cajus for leading an incredible movement workshop, At Your Beat studio in Brooklyn for the dynamic backdrop and bottomless gratitude to our amazing sponsors for taking this event to the next level: Terlato Wines (LoveBlock pinot noir + Seven Daughters red blend were amazing!) + Shea Moisture + Latika Soap + Owl’s Brew Radler (deliciously unique like wtf).

Also, major love to my baby Natasha Campos for capturing every moment with her lens. See photos below!

Guerdley and I are hella excited to grow Affirmovements and take it beyond NYC, so please stay tuned! Thank you for the support <3

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