A Prayer For Easing Anxiety Along The Path Of Our Becoming


Dear God,

This beautiful body you've gifted me with is feeling a bit uncertain, unhinged, uncomfortable.

Please remind me to use my first and most accessible tool for softening a storm -- my breath.

Please also remind me that fear only studies me because it knows my high value.

Please remind me that it's similar to why Lebron usually has like two or three dudes guarding him... because it's likely he will score.

Please remind me to embrace triumph, no matter how giant or subtle, because it only shows off your capabilities -- your miracles.

Please remind me that all my steps forward invite others to do the same. I love you so much and am grateful for your patience, kindness, forgiveness guidance, coaching, cheering and ratchet sense of humor.

Oh and most of all, your ability to constantly see my light as a reflection of your own.

Thank you God. 

This prayer originally appeared in a newsletter of mine sent December 12, 2018. My head was cloudy, my heart was tight and the only thing this wounded “inspiration” of a woman could do was pray.

The outpouring of love in response to that newsletter was humbling to the maximum and so I decided to dress up the words a bit in a printable mini-poster. Feel free to tape it on your mirror or maybe fold it into your wallet, whatever works for you fam.

Untitled design (1).png

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