How Working Out Hit Me With The Missing Piece To Manifestation


If you’ve been following my IG Stories at all, then you know I’ve been a serious fitness slut as of late.  

Although documenting my tales of sweat is certainly a fave extracurricular activity, this lifestyle isn’t necessarily new to me. I started working out when I was maybe 9 years old (s/o to anyone with a dusty Barbie Dance Workout VHS), hosted Taebo sleepovers in the 8th grade and fake trained a handful of my girls in college. I was always the friend with the flat tummy, no tea. Not even because I was obsessed with appearance, but because workouts were just my happy thing.

Now I don’t say this to brag, I only say this to set up a downfall. LMAO. We’re shooting for drama here folks!

As I got older, at some point my focus on adulting became my fixation with adulting—a slight but impactful difference that distracted me from enjoying the basics of being alive. I became so obsessed with my future self that I ironically forgot to continue a healthy relationship with my present self… you know, the one that’s actually driving us towards our fate.

Tracy somehow convinced Tracy that with enough matcha-infused overthinking and computer clicking, I could create a debt-free, brand-poppin, Oprah-approved life in 24 hours.

Yeah aight.

I tried it. Oh, how I truly tried it. Your girl replaced her old gang of endorphins with never-ending google searches on the hunt for a yellow brick business road. Embracing days that had yet to arrive yet taking for granted the one at my front door.

Every time I ignored a slice of easy access happy, my energy deflated, my waistline expanded and my sanity started to leak.

Not the kind of drip I fuck with.

All of that to say, I’ve re-realized how important it is to keep up with activities that bring me easeful joy because that right there is the secret yet obvious ingredient to dope manifestation.

Gotta enjoy where we’re at while en route to where we’re headed. I don't think it's coincidence that with this intentional energy shift I've been blessed with more well-aligned opportunities lately, ones that I'm actually in a good place to enjoy and not rush. 

I also gotta add that in an American culture that’s glorified hard work and hard work only for centuries on end without mentioning the crazy fine print, it’s beneficial to remember that easeful can also be useful.

I now look at working out as a core part of my business development because of all the benefits that go far beyond the extra sass in my ass.

To name a few: clarity, verve, discipline. 

But to be more specific:

Exercise reminds me that progress is felt before it is seen and that delayed gratification is not a punishment, but a humongous reward that lasts way longer than the instant kind.

I’m also able to better discern between a discomfort that grows me and a discomfort that injures me.

And finally, through the sweat, I’m also reminded that there’s always something we're going to be wobbly at. The fastest HIIT runner doesn’t necessarily mean the pretzeliest yoga contortionist, soul cycle champs aren't automatically squatting 120lbs and that’s okay. Humble beginnings give us reason to reach higher for both our goals and our God.

S/o to the gym.

Now this post isn’t for me to pressure you into a kickboxing class or some shit, though I am a bomb partner for that!

My intention is to nudge you (if needed) into checking in on your own personal piece of easy-access joy. Whatever it is.

  • Have you been loving on it?

  • Have you been allowing it to be a compass that helps with navigating this wild, wonky world?

  • How about really taking note of the transferrable skills/energy/life analogies this thing of yours is pouring into your present and future self.

  • Do you see it as a form of both enjoyment and improvement?

In order to get an answer, we gotta ask the questions, fam.

Alrighty tis all!

Well actually I MUST also let you know, in case you didn't, that I decided to consolidate every. last. audio. vision. board. from my first in 2016 (The Pursuit of Self-Love) to my recent in 2018 (She’s Sleeping Beauty And The Beast) into a podcast called Glow In The Dark.

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Available to subscribe on iTunes + Soundcloud of course and I’ll update when it’s available as a podcast on Spotify etc.

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Thanks so much for reading. May this July (a July that every tarot/astrological leader is excited about) be our most joyful yet. Wait, oh shit, hashtag alert #JoyfulJuly!!!

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