4 Quick Tips For Choosing A Fire Workout Partner


If you peep my Instagram, especially my Stories, then you know me and fitness got a special thing going on.. now and hopefully forever. I started working out at a pretty young age and just like most serious relationships that develop during adolescence, things fizzled out. However, we back together, moving stronger than before and documenting this journey has been a favorite love affair because of how much it's taught me about manifestation.

Moving right along to the subject at hand though...

So normally, it’s just me, myself and sweat at the gym, hunting down muscles and gulping down endorphins, but there are certainly times when I enjoy a workout buddy by my side. 

Having a partner-in-sweat can make for an extra fun and challenging workout -- not to mention the bonding is A1 -- but that can ALL backfire if one of yall aint with the shits.

Over the years, me and this body have worked out with a variety of training pals in a variety of settings: gymnastics, basketball, sports camp, 7th grade taebo sleepovers, dance groups, running groups, small group training, one-on-ones… list goes on.

There are many obvious benefits to pairing up, BUT I have learned firsthand that there can also be some disadvantages so I wanted to hit you with a short list of questions to ask yourself before entering a muscle gang. These are all points that arrived after a recent sweat session with my very good friend Chazeen who is no doubt, one of my favorite people to endure/enjoy a torturous workout with.

Let’s go!

1. Do our skill levels align?

Getting in shape is a goal for many and Lord knows I totally get how hard it can be to build consistency, let alone look forward to a workout. However, if two people are on two opposite spectrums of mindset, strength, endurance, what have you… that gym session is probably not going to be a favorite memory. It will get hella frustrating whether you feel like your friend is moving way too fast or way too slow. Be honest with yourself and request honesty from the other person about where both of yall are at on the journey. At the very least, yall can take a group class together, (like SweatShed) that way no one’s required to play teacher + it’s a go at your own pace situation and there's plenty of extra energy to feed off of in the room.

2. Do our schedules + locations matchup?

This question is important because it all factors into making accountability easier. For instance, as a Brooklyn dweller, I forever feel allergic to Harlem… ESPECIALLY on the weekends. So it truly doesn't matter what poppin partner there is Uptown… Even if I am trying to keep some pounds off, the only thing that will be slim, are the chances of me feeling motivated enough to travel far for my friend. 

3. What’s good with goals?

I bring this up because someone wanting to run a marathon is going to have a very different regimen than someone who’s wanting to say bulk the fuck up. Different goals = different roadmaps and if you guys decide to compromise and play nice, that probably means you’ll both be watering down on your full potential. And in my opinion, this is not the best use of your time or your body. 

4. Are we down for the knowledge?

What I love most about my workouts with Chazeen are that we’re both constantly bringing new training knowledge to the table. I look up all sorts of HIIT routines, leg day routines, different stretches etc. so that 1.) I have a better idea of form so I can help my friend out if something is wrong and 2.) so that we can take turns designing our workouts. This also ensures that no one ends up feeling like a personal trainer to their partner every time they workout (though depending on the individual, that may not be an issue) and also just keeps things from getting boring.

Alright boo, so that’s all I could think of at the moment. I hope these tips were useful to you and if that’s the case, let me know in the comments and please do share on Twitter.

Also, I'd love to hear any insight you may have on this subject. If you've got experiences, share em!

Till next time, get a good sweat in and know that I'm sending you warm energy. 

xx TG

Tracy G.Comment