The Power Of Movement + My Workout Meetup


If there’s anything I am super clear about in this life, it’s that me and working out are a hell of a duo. Movement is my medicine.

Now that doesn’t mean this ass of mine is always at my preferred circumference or that I don’t experience days when I feel completely opposed to breaking a sweat — nope. It just means that my purest truth rests in this: exercise is my favorite gift-giver. Clarity. Life parallels. Energy. Sanity. Confidence. Another reason to blast all of Bey’s Homecoming album. Son. YES PLEASE! Lemme get to unwrapping.

With that said, I was super pysch’d to partner with Crunch and their bomb HIIT studio Sweat Shed to invite my public online community for a private IRL class. I’m always documenting my sessions there via my IG Stories and get plenty of curious DMs so I said you know what… let’s close out Women’s History Month 2019 with building our strength, literally and figuratively.


Before my gal Janeil Mason led us through 50 minutes of wild work, I kicked off the class with an icebreaker about our favorite inner + outer qualities. Shout out to clavicles and sass — two of the big mentions.


Our playlist was a collection of everyone’s go-to training song so the speakers were BUMPIN. Feel free to throw the below into your next trip to squat city.

The camaraderie, focus, fun, and sense of accomplishment was such a sight of pure fucking joy man. After giving it our all and cooling down to my audio vision board Bloomsville, I then led a short guided meditation to thank our bodies for their efforts and ability.

Edited by @shai.franco

Oh but that wasn’t it.

My favorite part of the evening by FAR was surprising all my girls with generous gift cards from Reebok! And when I say generous, I mean $100 generous. LAWD.

Outside of that giveaway, Reebok has definitely become on of my top athletic wear brands in the last year. Design + functionality + price have all been on point. If you had to cop just one thing I’d say to holler at their crossfit nano sneakers. STURDY for strength training but FLEXXY for treadmill sprints. I love.

Hands down, March 28th has definitely been my favorite day in 2019 thus far! I’ve beeeeeeen wanting to do this event ever since like my 5th session at Sweat Shed and it was so much better seeing it happen before my eyes than inside my head.

Major thank you to Harmless Harvest as well for refueling us with their delicious dairy-free yogurt drink!

All photos by  SHANIAH ARMANI

All photos by SHANIAH ARMANI

Listen— comments, emails and DMs all have their significance, but the vibe of embracing my supporters face-to-face just cannot be topped.

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