Co-Habitation Chronicles: Big Work Zone Energy

Note from me to you: The items reviewed in this post were gifted to us by our friends at Fully. However, I’d never share anything I didn’t actually rock with aka the reviews are hella honest. It will always be that way. xx TG

Hi my loves!

I’m currently piecing together this blog post in my living room where I just got reminder #1894817856893 from God that manifestation is a very alive and well force of nature.   

What I’m referencing in particular is the cute Brooklyn apartment I’ve lived in/cried in/made love in/made lust in/made celery juice in/made red velvet waffles in/questioned life in/hid from life in/reunited with life in/etc for the last three years now.

There are many crashed couches in my life’s rearview mirror, including an embarrassing, very private yet super blessed stint living back home with my parents as a 29-year-old trying to make ends meet with a sexy (yet low-paying) job.

If you like, I’m down to do a post featuring the details of how exactly I manifested my affordable 1-bedroom apartment in one of the most expensive cities in America. An apartment that came without a rude amount of square feet that would make you wanna scam just to get back at capitalism.

Let me know in the comments below and I’ll gladly get started on it : )

Another thing to consider!

We also have the added nuance that this apartment is now a home for TWO— both myself and my love, Carl. This is another experience I owe you details on because dear reader I never thought I’d be in a live-in relationship one, and two, actually enjoy that live-in relationship!

Life be life’n yo and here we are.

Now let me finalllllllllllllllllly hit my focus: This charming shared office space me and Carl created in partnership with my friends at Fully that has reinforced this idea of compartmentalizing our home.

Keep reading to better understand what I mean : )


While figuring out how to combine two aesthetics under one roof, an important convo happened about the shared importance of compartmentalizing this apartment.

For us that means not bringing laptops into:

/ our bedroom (with the intention of designating that space exclusively for rest so in fact we could get MORE of it… and you know grown tings hehe)

/ or dining area (with the intention of designating that space exclusively for meals so that we were fully present while eating together)

/ and even our couch (with the intention of designating that space for Netflix and chill).

The point is— we didn’t want every damn inch of our apartment to remind us of work.

Even in this era of self-care gone wild, it’s very easy, especially within the energy of a big city and when wifi is as omnipresent as oxygen, to get caught up in an all-hustle-everything lifestyle with room for little else.

We’ve both experienced that and wanted to make sure the crib felt like a haven and not a 24hr open business.

Still, work does need to be done and for many of us independent laborers out there, adding the second rent of an outside co-working space (no matter how fly + snack-friendly) to our budgets is an unnecessary or unaffordable monthly pleasure.

And although coffee shops grant us convenience, sometimes that coffee shop bathroom is disrespectful with the smells or we just end up rationalizing why $6 almond gentrified lattes keep sliding down our throats Monday - Friday :(

Plus, if you live in a part of the world that experiences Winter, journeying outside can feel like self-inflicted terrorism!

All of this to say --- mission in-home office space officially hit the agenda.

Oh have you noticed that I say “office space” vs. office?

This is on purpose.

Me and Carl currently don’t have an extra room lying around, so like many NYC folk, we’ve gotten creative with making our living room multifunctional. And that’s exactly where Fully shines brightest.  



For a while now I’ve wanted a standing desk for the health benefits that directly impact my mood that then directly impact my productivity. Carlito thought that was all cool and shit, but also made it clear that a posture-friendly chair needed to be a part of the family.

Enter, compromise!

We got the Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk with a 48” x 30” contour top (they also have bigger options) on a white frame. As a curve appreciator, the shape of this bad boy is sexy as hell, but also useful because you can get as close as you want to the desk without feeling like you’re getting stabbed in the chest. Plus, it’s made out of sustainable bamboo—bonus points I’ve learned to recognize while becoming more eco-conscious.  

On top of all of that, with the touch of a button, our desk can go higggggh above my wig and with another touch, it can drop it low to my toes. This desk got skills yo and they’re programmable.

Fully also offers a wire management kit that keeps things consolidated without compromising aesthetic or creating a fire hazard.

I’m trying to think of some genuine criticism especially because this is a brand partnership, but I honestly don’t got it man. Oh wait here we go—for some folks the cost might catch you off guard a bit, however I think it’s a worthy investment that will pay for itself in lifetime value.



Now I gotta give it to Carl man, the seating we agreed on -- the HAG Capisco Puls chair in the color Sprint Earth with a silver base and a silver foot ring is absolute excellence and I’m someone who is easily unimpressed by things. But I overstand why this is one of Fully’s most prized products. You can sit on it a bunch of ways and it contributes absolutely nothing to my back pain. Just a genuinely intuitive chair that is comfortable but not cozy if you know what I mean. If you don’t know what I mean, basically cozy, to me, can promote procrastination. No bueno when I’m sitting in the same room as a remote control.


Now remember how I told Carl I was super big on standing while I twerk I mean work, right…


This right here is called a Muvmat and it may appear like some basic door mat I just slid under our desk… but oh no darling it’s a forest hiding in plain sight.



The Fully folks describe it better than me: “When walking through the forest, there’s a new surprise that comes with every step—a sensation that starts in your feet and works its way up through your body, bringing with it a feeling of wholeness, presence, and connection.

The Muvmat was specifically engineered to mimic that experience, with hidden contours that simulate the rocks, roots, and fallen branches you would encounter when walking on a forest floor.

Great with shoes and even better without, Muvmat’s anti-fatigue surface reduces the strain and ache of standing for long periods by stimulating the feet and encouraging the subtle movements your body needs to stay comfortable, balanced, and energized.

As a loud and proud nature whore… THIS. I. LOVE.


If you’ve been familiar with me for a minute now, then you’re probably comfortable believing that I would never partner with a brand I didn’t trust.

Does not matter the offer.

To make that point even clearer, I just turned down a big one because I found out through research that the brad was donating to you know who’s 2020 campaign. Prostituting my integrity for the sake of gifted product, a check, or clout will never be a wave I surf and I thank you for trusting me with that. I do my best to be mindful.

Like many of us, I’m online every day being either directly or subconsciously influenced and there are times where that hurts me and there are times when that helps me.

I say that because although I sincerely think Fully is a wonderful brand with strong products, not to mention a well-organized + kind team— I definitely do not ever want you making impulse buys or feeling some type of negative way because for some reason you can’t own any of the above right now.   

It’s ALL good! You’re ALL good!

And on that note, thanks for reading this post, boo. Hit me below if you have any questions/comments. More on my co-habitation adventures to come : )

xx TG