Notes On Online Outrage Culture

Honestly, what you are about to read are some semi-random thoughts I have about negativity-gone-viral shared with no particular sequencing in mind. At the time of me typing this, my brain is ballooned with thoughts and I gotta detox before I explode.

Things to consider:

No matter how intelligent we are, we can appear un-evolved if AGGRESSION is the sole vehicle of choice for transporting messages.

I’ve always wondered why downfalls, hate, embarrassment, clapbacks will trend with speed but then corrections, apologies, innocence will be left to fine print.

During my editorial days, I once listened to a publisher passionately explain that divisiveness wins in the dot com.





These were our choices of hot sauce to pour on a tame timeline in effort to steer them to the site. Why? Easy answer: it sparks debate.

Now of course there is HEALTHY debate, but that’s usually best suited for IRL conversation where body language, tone, inflection etc. help shape the energy of our words.

But then there’s something else.

Unhealthy debate is one of the greatest forms of seduction for the ego because the ego loves any reason to rumble. Debate garners clicks, RTs, views—alla that because of how triggering it is to our impulses.

We’ve all heard that misery loves company and so dot com is misery’s dream neighborhood. Shit is a sick, sick science.

And when we pay attention to that negativity… in those moments it seems like the world is ONLY made up of darkness. But it is NOT. It only appears that way because feelings follow focus.

If you become a scrollaholic for say Shaderoom comments or the black hole of YouTube comments, it’ll be easy to fall into this distracting belief.

The truth is you can be purposeful and popular and PAID all while servicing a higher vibe.


I’m actually dying of laughter right now because #NationalComplimentDay is currently trending on Twitter lmaoooo

Oh how God always finds a way to bless a mess.

You know what, let’s go back to Twitter being both a stage for the mic and the ego.

Just the other day I listened to the legend that is Eckhart Tolle on Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations speak about his destined expertise: the ego.

“Complaining is one of the ego’s favorite strategies for strengthening itself. Some egos who haven’t got much else to identify with can survive off complaining alone. You’re continuously judging, criticizing, condemning [as a habit of survival].”  

Meanwhile so many folks will convince themselves that this ain’t bad behavior it’s education. EDUCATION! LMAO! But bro, education requires patience, empathy annnnnd repetition. If you ain't got that you don't want to teach bro, you want to FIGHT lmao and if you want to fight you want to WIN and if you want to win then, this is all probably just thy ego hogging the mic.

I think so many of us in this world who feel powerless in some way have become insatiably hungry to FIGHT as a quick fix for power.

And that shit gets rewarded with RTs or views so then you stay on that treadmill because of the validation L

I also think it’s important to note that the less personal experience, the more distance we have with someone, the easier it is to talk shit about them.

When we paint someone in one stroke, cuff them to one identity, we strip the humanity off their bones. And if someone is no longer human in our eyes, well then it’s easier for us to wound them.

Yall many of us are just doing our best, through the lens that we own, to speak and act from a place of sincerity.

We all need room for error and most importantly room to GROW. Our collective mental health depends on it.

So much more to say I think, so much more I can’t think to say. Stream of consciousness fin.

Please feel free to share your thoughts below and/or share this post with fellow open-minded humans!