002: Survival Of The Prettiest

In an era of likes, selfies and being camera-ready for a sneak snapchat moments has beauty as a form of commerce gone wild?

In this episode I question the effects of this answer and hella more with the brilliant Dr. K. Boyce a recovery specialist and personal development coach focused on a campaign of My Beauty Is My Brain, My Wisdom Is My Worth.

We go in on:

  • What's the difference between self-love and narcissism?
  • Is there such a thing as too many selfies?
  • How to recover from a life that caters to male consumption and more.

This was one of my favorite conversations in life to date yo, Dr. Boyce is a badass. 

I hope you enjoy and know you'll have some opinions, do share with me! 

The Pursuit of Self Love, audio vision board
Multiple Avenues To Success 

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