003: No Sex Zone

It's old news that I've been a fan and member of #teamcelibacy. In "Love Vs. Lust Pt. 1" from my affirmation EP I spoke a bit about my entanglements with the flesh and how that led to a Do Not Disturb sign below my belt. But now I want to go into the why, the benefits, the (obvious and non-obvious) struggles and the nuances of celibacy. To me it definitely doesn't have to look the same for everyone.

So I snagged my best friend Guerdley--who's vacationed in the no sex zone for a year--to have a hella candid conversation.


  • How celibacy helps compartmentalize feelings, lessen impulses and heighten discernment.
  • How getting dickmatized... especially to the wrong dick, especially when you are subconsciously hoarding romantic illusions... is very distracting.
  • How to initiate a conversation about celibacy with a lover who was never thinking about celibacy.
  • Expiration dates. Is oral sex apart of celibacy? And hella more. 

I hope you enjoy and know you'll have some opinions, do share with me! 

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