006: Compariholics Anonymous

This is some aural pleasure that I know will aid in muting the voice that slithers in our brain at times claiming that in the face of another's success, we suck. nah yo. it's time to guard your joy. i've been there and am breaking free. join my ass!

Mindset is the fuel and #ShesBeautyAndTheBeast is the station. Let's get it! Hopefully what's working for me does the same for you.

scored by the ineffable GLAM
recorded and engineered by the outstanding Big French of Mad Bull Productions
written, voiced and directed by me

Listen. Digest. Share. 
xx, TG

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The She's Beauty And The Beast podcast is a weekly series where Tracy G. shares her (rough and resplendent) life experiences, habits and zany theories with the hopes that they'll translate into emotional empowerment for dope, millennial women. Also expect to hear from brilliant guests about topics ranging from spirituality, sanity and sexuality that affect our best self for better or for worse. If you're having an affair with both Drake and Deepak, this podcast is for you.

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