008: Temptation, Trouble + Tales Of Archived Penis


I got hit a good number of times to share Monday's newsletter publicly, so doing just that! Especially since it's quite a befitting topic for the weekend.

In this episode I talk about:

  • The questions you should ask yourself before texting an old flame...
  • Why self-awareness is important for recovering undercover troublemakers...
  • How to get friendlier with discipline...

Hit play:


The She's Beauty And The Beast podcast is a weekly series where Tracy G. shares her (rough and resplendent) life experiences, habits and zany theories with the hopes that they'll translate into emotional empowerment for dope, millennial women. Also expect to hear from brilliant guests about topics ranging from spirituality, sanity and sexuality that affect our best self for better or for worse. If you're having an affair with both Drake and Deepak, this podcast is for you.

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