016: Whip, Slay, Love: Liberation Through The Eyes Of A Dominatrix

Cause emotional empowerment comes in many different shades, forms and... dungeons.

Meet "Charm," a meditating, human rights-studying, whip-you-into-shape kinda gal.

In this very different episode lol, Charm gives us a tour inside her mind in effort to show that it isn't so dark and twisted as it is bright and therapeutic lol.

Let me know what you think, cause your ass will def be thinking something! 

And as always know that I appreciate your ears and support. 

xx TG

  • Should I do a part two of my interview with Charm? DId you fuck with this or did it veer too too left? Let me know!
  • Looking for dem goal contracts? Snag em here. 

*Special thanks to @Mellotheproducer for the BBHM instrumental + Joshua Emprye for the epic orchestra

*Podcast opening + closing music: DJ Wonder "Get Back 2 U"

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