let's get it.

*Please Read Thoroughly*

Hello there, curious human! If I've got your attention, well, I'm already judging you. Yup. I'm going to go ahead and assume that you're probably a wellness junkie with a creative eye, love-love relationship with TED Talks, who guards (and shares) his/her glow, applauds transparency, embraces both twerkaerobics and meditation, craves a learnable moment, likes their affirmations with extra sauce, and fucks with this She's Beauty And The Beast brand of mine.

If I'm correct...

I'd love to possibly have you on the team and in exchange help you blossom, professionally and personally!

Please see the list of open intern roles below along with how to apply. I am based in Brooklyn, NYC and prefer locals, but remote candidates feel free to reach out for consideration.

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Responsibilities: Brainstorming visual ideas with Tracy for marketing materials, products, events etc. and executing them with direction. Assisting with mood boards for photo shoots, social media aesthetics, etc. 

Requirements: Experience in videography + editing (points if directed towards a millennial female audience) + lives for the dichotomy of grit and glam + knowledge of Final Cut Pro or other video editing software. Ability to work efficiently. Must be able to dedicate minimum, 10 hours a week for three months. *NYC Based | Brooklyn, a plus*

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Responsibilities: Collaborate on editing episodes + Brainstorm new production styles with Tracy + Schedule interviews + Maintain content calendar + Collect key quotables. Knowledge of audio editing software (Audacity, Garage Band etc.) a must. 

Requirements: The ideal candidate is in the know about boss babe culture, detail-oriented with a good ear, has a love for human interest stories, edutainment + understanding of millennial markets, technology and thinking outside the box. Must be able to dedicate minimum, 10 hours a week for three months. 

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Responsibilities: Work with Tracy to devise the best ways to promote content on various social media platforms. Assist with crafting fun, forward-thinking engagement strategies + website optimization.

Requirements: A dope understanding of millennial markets and the digital landscape. Detail-oriented, with a knack for repurposing content and blessing the masses with quick badass writing. Must be able to dedicate minimum, 10 hours a week for three months. Handy with the camera = a major plus. 

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Responsibilities: This candidate will be assisting Tracy with day-to-day operations that can be anything from: brainstorming content, prep work for interviews, site organization, event coordination, email correspondence, research, and more. 

Requirements: Must love research, organization and good vibes. Knowledge of MS Office + Google Docs a must. Knowledge of Evernote and Slack a plus. By the way, I have a soft spot in my heart for quick and patient learners, either way I will be schooling you in the best way. Time management. Must be able to dedicate minimum, 10 hours a week for three months. 

feeling good?

Excellence! Shoot me an email tracy@itstracyg.com with the intern role you're applying for in the subject line, along with your resume and some choice words on why you'd like the opportunity to work with me + what you bring to the table + what you'd like from the table. I'm excited to grow with sparkling earthlings. Talk soon!