Loosening our obsession w attention

Hi there, Tracy G. here greeting you with an affirmation:

 I trust that all the chapters of my life 

form a story worth sharing.


This affirmation came to mind during my reflections of #CultureCon -- a full day conference in New York City dedicated to connecting, inspiring and elevating creatives of color. In other words, a heaping order of melanin magic, extra drippy.

I came through as an attendee, ready to learn some shit, stan for my many gifted friends + peers who'd be on the mic, and enjoy this occasion of being a guest and not a host -- saving me the anxiety I usually unpack before entering the ring of speaking engagements.

A bitch was chillin.


Fam, I can't even count how many people asked me if I was moderating a panel or leading a workshop -- basically having my voice on stage in some capacity.  

Admittedly, after like the 5th comment, I did feel a splash of... hmmm... embarrassment? dejection? FOMO? Not sure the exact emotion, but I do know it all woke up my ego from it's nap.

Here's the thing, in an epoch that confuses attention with impact, it's easy to forget that EVERY role we wear carries value, not just the one that's front and center.  If you've watched Chris Rock's brilliant standup special, Tambourine, then you know EXACTLY where I'm coming from. And if not, I'm aggressively nudging you to make that your next Netflix escape. 

I used to be on that wave of "my time will come," but honestly I've unsubscribed from that notion because it implies that this one season, this one leg of the journey, this one chapter is more necessary than all the rest, when in fact they all require each other.

As my dear friend Dr. Crystal Jones says: "It has always been your time. It will always be your time."

Being a guest at #CultureCon allowed me to study different methods of edutaining a crowd, have plenty of time for meaningful convos from start to finish (without measuring my Avion intake hehe) and really take in the fact that I'm blessed to learn from incredible individuals in my network vs. learning from a swamp full of snakes. 

My Scorpio sib,    Ty Alexander    completely OWNED her workshop on Emotional Intelligence. So good. Follow her if you aren't already !

My Scorpio sib, Ty Alexander completely OWNED her workshop on Emotional Intelligence. So good. Follow her if you aren't already!

If this life is comparable to a game, as many like to see it, then at some point you're going to be the star player, the aight player, the benched player, the cheerleader and the damn coach... not only for yourself but for others too.

And guess what dear reader, it's all useful. God's fingerprints are on every page of our existence, so it's worth being open-minded to the moment at hand.

Ya feeeeeeel me?


If this longass email resonated with you please feel free to reply to me (I'll respond!) and/or share with folk. I'm @itstracyg everywhere and love staying connected with you. Full sincerity.

Okay, officially out thy inbox. Talk soon babe,

xx TG


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