Cause like me, you’re lowkey judgmental too lolol

Greeting you with an affirmation:

 I am gentle with judgements 
cause even the most awesome of people 
come with dirt on their haloes 
and the worst come with pain on their horns.


We've all heard this "embrace your flaws" tactic to ascending another step on the ladder of self-love.

And I gotta say:

It's constructive.
It's caring.
It's unconditional.
It's attainable.
It's the Beyonce thing to do...


I think we tend to forget that it's applicable to not only how we view ourselves, but we how we view others. 

Trust, I'm proud to be alive in this dazzling zeitgeist of prioritizing self-care, self-improvement, self-love, and all the like. After all, much of that is the crux of my offerings to you via my brand.

However, I do believe at times, that there's a lowkey downside to all-self-everything. 

It's easy to form a cycle of agitation for those who are a "bad influence" and/or catch a growing allergy development for the stains of past fuckshit others accrue in their life lol. 

Ya girl right here is a recovering impatience enthusiast (my bf will happily agree lol) and one day I had to really ask myself this question: 

Am I more deserving of tolerance, empathy and a reset button than everyone else? 

No, no hell nawww.


If I am human, we all are human and you know the fine print that comes with that human title? FLAWS. 

Now this is def a nuanced convo because I'm definitely not mad at having standards and handing out strikes, but even when the right move is peacin someone out your life... there's something to consider before gifting a fellow dented mortal with an eternal smoldering side-eye and a passionate vow to never forgive...

// Every last one of us is broken to a degree, gathering the shards and unfortunately injuring ourselves and others along the way.

// Growth is never a clean journey.

// Someone can fuck up and still be a dope person.

// Making a mistake does not devalue any of our existence.

I am still perplexed at the godly forgiveness someone gave me three years ago for some wild bad decision making. It's humbling, embarrassing and eye-opening when you're "the angel" caught moonlighting as Lucifer... you end up writing newsletters like this lmao.


Even if it is absolutely necessary to point out someone's major blunder, trust there's always a route to being truthful without hurtful. Sorry not sorry to any drag queens subscribed to me. 

Anyway yo, that's all I got fam. May we breathe easy during all our adventures of flaw appreciation and acceptance. Let me know how you're feeling.

xx TG


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