The side-effects of lust, let's chat

Tis I, Tracy G, greeting yo ass with an affirmation:

I know,
their mess ain’t worth their thrill.


That affirmation up there is a note I would've slipped into the palms of my younger self. 

A gal who indulged in too many bowls of instant gratification...

(Hello regret, it's me Tracy)

And a gal who plenty of times, hollered at lust because it was the Forever 21 version of love. Cheap and accessible...

(Yet with a tendency to unravel at the seams -- a widespread forgettable) 

Now I'm not gonna front like it ain't entertaining to daydream every so often about a few messy decisions of the past while washing the dishes. I meannnnn, lmao, that's what memories and immaturity are for, right? 

In the words of a then 7-year-old Internet legend Latarian Milton: "It's fun to do bad things." 

But in the words of a now grownass Tracy Garraud: "It's fun to do bad things... until you realize the clean up lasts longer than the set up."


I don't know what chapter of life this email is finding you at, << Test First Name >>, but I do know all of us realize, at some point or another, energy, vibez, sparks, whatever the hell you want to call it... that shit requires further investigation before further commitment. 

I think a lot of times we go with the rush because we already know that if we pause any moment longer, intuition gon come and snitch on our "fun" lmao.

Meanwhile, intuition's just an OG checking things out on behalf of our future self! 

Why? Cause feelings aren't always facts. Requests aren't always urgent. And situationships aren't always a worthwhile use of our time... or reproductive organs. 

The devil wears prada for a reason, bruh. To fool us into thinking it's presence is valuable. Self-awareness are the x-ray glasses we've been waiting on to see past the bullshit... even if it's simply our own. 

I hope this email made sense lmao. 

xx TG


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